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Pool cleaning

The most efficient pool cleaners

Let us help you clean the pool: electric, hydraulic or manual pool cleaners are just one example of everything you will find below. At Piscimarket we are specialists in swimming pool maintenance products and we want to offer them all at a fantastic price.

Pool cleaning


  • Electric Pool Cleaners
    <p>The latest generation technology that your pool needed. Keep your pool clean thanks to a good quality electric pool cleaner, we have the best brands for your pool. From the Astralpool automatic pool cleaners to the Dolphi.</p>
  • Hydraulic Pool Cleaners
    <p>Hydraulic pool cleaners are ideal for small and medium pools since their technology adapts to any surface. Most of them, like the Zodica hydraulic cleaners, have a powerful turbine and suction propellers with brushes that direct the dirt towards the mouth of the cleaner itself.</p> <p>These hydraulic cleaners are usually equipped with anti-blocking deflectors to avoid stairs or angles, thus reaching any corner of the pool. They can also be equipped with different connection systems to guarantee a safe coupling of their different parts without loss or reduction of their suction level and with a comfortable installation to the skimmers or pool cleaner outlets.</p>
  • Pool cleaners Dolphin
    <p>Dolphin pool cleaners offer the most efficient and cost-effective system for achieving a clean pool.</p> <p>Dolphin automatic pool cleaners draw their energy from a standard electrical outlet and have their own filtration system, moving freely.</p> <p>Dolphin robots remove dirt and dust from the water while brushing floors, walls and the waterline with their advanced technology.</p> <p>Take advantage of our offers on the different models of Dolphin pool cleaners and get the best cleaning for your pool with the best comfort.</p>
  • Astralpool pool cleaners
    <p>Astralpool pool cleaners are a more efficient and profitable system for the correct maintenance of any type of pool.</p> <p>Astralpool automatic pool cleaners offer you the guarantee of a highly recognized brand in the market, and, in addition, at PISCIMARKET, we offer them at lower prices.</p> <p>Astralpool robots remove dirt and dust while brushing floors, walls and the waterline with their advanced technology.</p> <p>Take advantage of our offers on the different models of Astralpool pool cleaners and get the best cleaning for your pool, saving from the beginning.</p>

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At Piscimarket we are specialists in the maintenance of any type of pool. Among the products most demanded and valued by our customers are pool cleaners that facilitate cleaning both its bottom and its walls.

Robot cleaners are just as efficient for removable pools as they are for built-in pools and are very easy to handle.

What type of cleaner is better?

Normally, the choice of one type of pool cleaner or another depends on how dirty the pool is.

In pools with high dirt it is recommended to use hydraulic pressure cleaners and automatic electric cleaners whose mechanism, in addition to collecting impurities from the pool, helps to distribute the chemical products that are being used for maintenance.

What robot cleaner to use for a removable pool?

Automatic pool cleaners are suitable for cleaning removable pools, small pools or plastic pools.

At Piscimarket we can advise you on the robot to clean pools that adjusts to the characteristics of your pool.

Cheap pool cleaners?

In addition to having an effective pool cleaner, you are surely looking for a cheap pool cleaner. In our store of products for swimming pools we have the most recognized brands such as: ZODIAC, DOLPHIN, HAYWARD, POLARIS or BESTWAY…, at affordable prices so that it is really easy for you to maintain community and private pools.

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