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Hydraulic Pool Cleaners

Hydraulic pool cleaners are ideal for small and medium pools since their technology adapts to any surface. Most of them, like the Zodica hydraulic cleaners, have a powerful turbine and suction propellers with brushes that direct the dirt towards the mouth of the cleaner itself.

These hydraulic cleaners are usually equipped with anti-blocking deflectors to avoid stairs or angles, thus reaching any corner of the pool. They can also be equipped with different connection systems to guarantee a safe coupling of their different parts without loss or reduction of their suction level and with a comfortable installation to the skimmers or pool cleaner outlets.

Hydraulic Pool Cleaners


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How does a hydraulic pool cleaner work?

Hydraulic pool cleaners have good features that make them very effective, being a more than interesting option for cleaning swimming pools.

It must be taken into account that hydraulic cleaners work connected to the filtration system of the pool by using a hose that connects it to a suction point of the pool or skimmer.

It is important that the length of the hose is able to cover the entire pool area, because or else it will not reach the furthest corners of the connection.

Hydraulic pool cleaners absorb the water along with the impurities from the pool, sending them to the pump pre-filter and later to the filter.

When depositing dirt on the pool filter itself, it is necessary to clean it to remove all accumulated dirt and avoid clogs.

The cleaner moves thanks to the momentum it gets from the pool pump.

Without a pump with adequate power, the cleaner will not be able to get moving and therefore will not be able to clean the pool.

If the power is greater than what the cleaner needs there will be no problem, but it should never be less than that indicated on the model purchased.

We must know that the cleaning cycles are related to the filtration circuit. As it is connected to the pool's filtration system, the cleaner will run until the filtration cycle of the purifier is finished.

We can say that hydraulic cleaners absorb dirt by themselves, so it is not necessary for us to guide their movements. This frees up, in part, manual pool cleaning.

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