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Astralpool pool cleaners

Astralpool pool cleaners are a more efficient and profitable system for the correct maintenance of any type of pool.

Astralpool automatic pool cleaners offer you the guarantee of a highly recognized brand in the market, and, in addition, at PISCIMARKET, we offer them at lower prices.

Astralpool robots remove dirt and dust while brushing floors, walls and the waterline with their advanced technology.

Take advantage of our offers on the different models of Astralpool pool cleaners and get the best cleaning for your pool, saving from the beginning.

Astralpool pool cleaners


Astralpool Automatic Pool Cleaners for Pools

With the Astralpool pool cleaner models you can always have the pool ready. Robot cleaners suitable for private and community pools.

Astralpool robots are automatic pool cleaners that provide easier maintenance work with proven solutions for any commercial pool, from the smallest public pools to the largest professional pools.

The Astralpool brand is a good option to have a cleaner pool in the fastest and most comfortable way.

Advantages of Astralpool pool cleaners

If you have not yet had a Dolphin cleaner, you are missing the following advantages:

Powerful performance. A precise navigation system that perfectly detects right angles of 90º.

Self-protection system. In the event that the cleaner starts out of the water, it automatically activates the self-protection system that paralyzes the necessary components: pump, transformer, etc.

AquaSmart system. The AquaSmart system is an intelligent programming integrated into the cleaner's microprocessor. It allows you to move systematically but without getting stuck, so you don't waste time and manage to cover the entire surface of the pool efficiently in its 2-hour cycle.

What Astralpool pool cleaners to buy?

The Astralpool pool cleaner catalog is very wide and you will surely find a model that adapts to the real needs of your pools. In any case, from PISCIMARKET, we always assure you an excellent value for money in any of the Astralpool robot models.

Within our online store of pool products we present some of those models such as: Robot Cleaner Astralpool Ultra 250 for pools up to 25m or the Robot Cleaner H5 Duo.

Where to buy cheap ASTRALPOOL pool cleaners?

At Piscimarket we offer you a wide range of ASTRALPOOL pool cleaners with great discounts so that taking care of your pool does not involve any extra expense.

If you have any doubts about any of our astralpool robot pool cleaners, contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions.

Take advantage of our discounts and buy the cleaner you want now.