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The latest generation technology that your pool needed. Keep your pool clean thanks to a good quality electric pool cleaner, we have the best brands for your pool. From the Astralpool automatic pool cleaners to the Dolphi.


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The electric robots work completely independently of the treatment plant, they have their own tank to store the dirt and the collected particles and, thanks to the length of its cable, it allows cleaning pools of different sizes.

They are completely autonomous and programmable, which allows several cleaning cycles depending on the needs, characteristics and use of each pool.

The different number of motors that they can have, will mark their efficiency, being always proportional a greater cleaning to an also greater number of motors.

As required by current safety regulations, the robot is connected to the electrical network by means of a transformer, which in turn will be connected to the general network.

One of the main advantages of these electric pool cleaners is that you do not need to replenish the water levels for the skimmers to work since it works directly cleaning the water and returning it completely purified without the need to go through the filters of the purifier, with the consequent savings and optimization of time and results.

What must be taken into account before buying an automatic pool cleaner?

We must be clear about the cleaning needs of our pool, as well as the size and characteristics of its design. In addition, it is necessary to take into account:

• The length of the wiring since it depends on the robot being able to travel the entire bottom of the pool to reach the most remote or inaccessible points. The cable should be self-floating to prevent tangling while working.

• There are robots on the market that, in addition to cleaning the bottom, also clean the walls, so their job is to clean the entire surface of the glass.

• The size of the pool can greatly condition the acquisition of an automatic pool cleaner or another. We have to avoid the acquisition of cleaning robots that are stopped at the bottom before any obstacle.

• There are robots that have certain types of brushes incorporated, which allow them to remove all the impurities from the bottom and also the stains on the water lines on the walls of the pool. Some models even have vibration in said brushes, with which, any particle that remains attached to the surface that we need to clean can be descaled.

• To further optimize the work of the cleaners, flocculating substances can be used to drag the particles that remain floating in the water and make it appear cloudy to the bottom of the pool.

Where to buy a cheap automatic pool cleaner?

In our online store for swimming pool products, we work to offer you the best deals on automatic pool cleaners so that you can buy them at a cheaper price. The brands we offer you are only the most important on the market to guarantee excellent value for money.

If you have any questions when buying an electric pool cleaner, you can contact our professionals who will resolve your concerns and advise you on which pool cleaners to buy.

Also take advantage of the advantage of purchasing any of our pool cleaners in our online store and receiving it comfortably at home.